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Discover the various ways Surveily will support the safety of your plant.

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Increase safety of your operations and optimize costs with the features built upon the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Threat detection

Our solution will automatically detect incidents and report them in real-time, allowing you to react quickly and prevent accidents.

Asset Tracking

Monitor your resources continously and analyse their use to increase efficiency and minimize cost.

Access Control

Authenticate your employees, guests and VIPs. Automate access management to key areas and equipment to avoid costly accidents.


Surveily is a computer vision system that is used to analyse multiple video streams in real-time. Plug it into an existing CCTV infrastructure to bring true business value with minimal investment.


CCTV observes the environment and provides input to the system 24/7.

Data Processing

Feeds are analysed by the Artificial Intelligence in real-time. Events are logged in the database.

Taking Action

Event log triggers actions such as sending alerts or opening gates. It is also used for generating insights.


Using computer vision to optimize business processes brings a wide variety of benefits.


Increase safety by automating surveillance that observes and draws conclusions. Surveily alerts you about dangers automatically and allows you to predict and prevent accidents.


Analyze the data from the cameras to gain strategic knowledge about the behaviour in different areas of your interest.


Optimise your company operations thanks to the automation of management, control and maintenance processes.


Surveily is primarily targeting Industry 4.0, but it can also be successfully used in other industries.

Industry 4.0

Surveily is a powerful ally in implementation of Industry 4.0 by means of computer vision combined with integration tools and data mining.
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Surveily is a powerful ally in implementation of Industry 4.0 by means of computer vision combined with integration tools and data mining.
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Automated oversight provided by computer vision allows for new methods of ensuring safety and security.
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By adding a layer of analytics to your existing camera feeds, we can help you build custom applications that make your video data searchable and actionable.

State of the art models

We use convolutional neural networks, which are the latest type of artificial neural networks, inspired by biological processes.

Customisable solutions

Our solutions are tailored to fit in with customers’ specific needs and the nature of their data.

Cloud Infrastructure

Deep learning engineers and infrastructure architects work together to achieve the best performance for our customers.

On Premise Solutions

We can run our software and technology on hardware that is located within your properties that keeps your data isolated from external networks.


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